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Our team of experts is available to guide and support you as you navigate the process of opening a bank account worldwide at your own pace.

We provide assistance to entrepreneurs in establishing bank accounts, ensuring that you have all the support you need to make the process as seamless as possible.

We are Widelia

Our expertise in dealing with banking partners allows us to provide insider knowledge and prevent any potential mistakes.

Our team of experts can quickly assist you in opening a bank account, whether you’re a business just starting out or if you’ve had a previous account closed. We are committed to getting you the best banking partners to support your growth.

A Premium Service

Our premium bank introduction service offers a carefully selected range of pre-approved banks and electronic money institutions tailored to your business needs, and ensures that you meet all compliance requirements.

The cost of our services at Widelia is determined by the complexity of your situation and any associated bank fees.

Widelia, Global Success starts with Us

Leading International Banking Introduction Services

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Face the complexities of international banking with ease

Open your International Bank account with Widelia

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